School History

The “Lycée des Arts et Métiers”, is the former “Handwierkerschoul” (“School of crafts and trades”). It was initially founded in 1896 and is the oldest public technical Lycée in Luxembourg.

Read more about the school: Tradition and innovation – More than a school – a mirror of national history!



Each student at LAM receives a myCard which serves as identification and payment card for the canteen and cafeteria, both of which are located in Limpertsberg, on the main campus of the LAM above the sports facilities. The canteen offers different meals every day, including a vegetarian alternative. Besides the canteen, the LAM offers a cosy cafeteria where you can find a selection of sandwiches, fruit, cold and warm beverages, and sweets. The canteen and the cafeteria are open during school term. The school restaurants at LAM are catered by Restopolis. You can top up your myCard and consult the daily menu on their homepage at .


BTS students have access to the school’s sports facilities on the Limpertsberg campus. Times and schedules need to be checked with the sports department on campus.

Public transport

The BTS Campus at rue de la Congrégation is located in the heart of Luxembourg city between the cathedral and the Cité Judiciaire. All public transport in the Grand-Duchy can be accessed for free using myCard which serves as identification card and is allocated to each student at the beginning of the school year.

By bus:

The nearest bus stop is Centre, F.D. Roosevelt (2-minute walk) which is served by the following bus lines:

19 / 150 / 155 / 156 / 160 / 162 / 163 / CN1

By foot:

10-minute walk from the bus station at Centre Hamilius

15-minute walk from the central train station

25-minute walk from LAM Site Limpertsberg

By car:

Luxembourg car parks are busy at all times and travel by car is therefore not recommended. The closes car park is a 2-minute walk away and is called Parking Saint-Esprit.

Get in touch

Porte Ouverte

The annual Open Day at LAM is a great opportunity to visit the school grounds and all facilities. Furthermore, you can ask for specific details about your potential studies at our school and to get in touch with teachers of the various study programmes. Please don’t hesitate! Come and talk to us and have a look around.

The dates of the Open Day will be communicated here as soon as they are out. The Open Day is certainly going to take place during the second term in March / April.

Foire de l’étudiant

The annual student fair organised by the CEDIES is advertised to take place on 7th and 8th November 2019 at LuxExpo. Come and visit us there to get further information about our BTSs and study programmes. We are looking forward to having a chat with you.

BBQ Game Jam (Barbecue Game Jam)

Global Game Jam



If you require further information about what you can do after your BTS studies in Luxembourg or abroad, or about financial support during your BTS studies, please consult the Centre de documentation et d’information sur l’enseignement supèrieur (CEDIES) at or the Ministère de l’enseignement supérieur et de la recherche




Future Hub

The LAM was attributed the label Future Hub in 2017 and is proof of the school’s innovative spirit, in particular in relation to its swift development and adaptation in IT sciences. Find more information about Future Hub at


Creative Industries Cluster

As indicated on their website at, the Luxembourg Creative Industries Cluster is managed by Luxinnovation and ‘brings together various interconnected players in order to increase their visibility and enhance their innovation potential. All this while the sector is constantly growing while at the same time undergoing numerous technological changes’.


Fédération des métiers de l’animation et de l’image virtuelle 

Game association Lux


Team members